Moving During a Pandemic

I can’t believe I’m writing this, not because it’s something particularly unbelievable, but because it still hasn’t sunk in yet. At the end of the month, or by early next month, I’ll be moving to Germany for school, after what seems like a very very long time.

Sailor Moon taking a bus ride to Germany, probably.

What does this feel like? I have mixed feelings at the moment. I’m incredibly excited to be back in school, I’m excited to be taking a year off of work to just focus on academia and I’m excited for the adventure and new opportunities; however, given the current world situation, traveling internationally during this particular time feels quite unpredictable. And perhaps, that’s also why I feel like it hasn’t sunk in yet.

Germany – like most European countries – currently is under lockdown, and I have to regularly keep up with any and all updates that can and do impact my traveling. In fact, family and friends are also always kind enough to let me know when they read about anything that’s changing in terms of travel regulations.

It’s definitely a very interesting time to decide to go back to school and move internationally, but it also definitely has it’s upsides. For one, I can look forward to focusing exclusively on studying, without the #FOMO of going out and meeting up with friends getting in the way. Another reason I’m super excited to move to Germany, is because I’m legitimately thinking of getting a bike (my mom and dad are probably chuckling reading this!). Silly, I know, but sometimes it’s the small things that get us excited.

The visa process was nice and simple, although I think I got very lucky in this regard. From what I gathered online, a lot of embassies around the world weren’t even open or weren’t even issuing appointments, due to COVID-19. Not the case in Kosovo! Once I submitted all my documents, I got mine in a week’s time. Much more efficient than I expected. I feel for the students around the world dealing with visa hassles during these times.

For now, the rule is that once I arrive in Germany, I’ll have to self quarantine for 10 days. I’m hoping this changes or eases, but even if not, I guess I look forward to what 10 days staying completely isolated at home and alone will look like. I’m not even sure how I would go about getting groceries. But that’s for another blog post to explore. Perhaps I’ll do a daily recap of my “days in quarantine” for this blog. Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps.

Stay tuned for a lot of my German adventures to come! Will be updating everyone on how school, life, and everything goes.

Hugs – and thank you for reading!


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2 responses to “Moving During a Pandemic”

  1. rritushi

    Thank you dear Erjona!! I’m super excited too! 🙂 ❤

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  2. Erjona T

    Oh my goodness, so exciting!!

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