My First Week (Quarantine-ing) in Berlin

This Monday, I moved to Berlin. After what felt like a very long journey through the night, with a stopover in Vienna and two plane rides of me trying to nap with a mask on at all times (it’s impossible, FYI!), I finally made it. ✈️🇩🇪

A deceivingly empty airport. Both flights were full! Apparently people are still traveling during the pandemic.

What’s it like in Berlin? Well, I honestly don’t know yet. I’ve been quarantined since my arrival and have only spent time in my dorm (@ Bundespolizei, if you’re reading! 👀). I was anxious about this in the beginning, but as the days went by, every day became easier and easier, and as I’m writing this, it feels like time flew!

My view these days!

I made an effort to structure my days and always wake up early, and go to sleep early, and I’d spent the majority of my time, either planning for the upcoming weeks full of administrative relocation tasks, or video chatting with family and loved ones at home! Oh, and of course, in between planning for administrative tasks, I’d religiously watch Perputhen. In fact, I have my first Perputhen Prime watch party scheduled soon with my dear friend Jonida!

I also took the time to rearrange the furniture in my room and put up my cute bedsheets from home, so that the dorm could start feeling more like home! In the beginning, I didn’t like it much because it wasn’t as good as my bougie dorm from my bachelors, but after my mom jokingly told me that I’m channeling “Robert Berisha live në karantinë / konvikt”, I started laughing and took it all with a grain of salt!

Among the most surreal moments this week was accidentally discovering that there was also an old acquaintance from high school in the same dorm! I mean what are the odds? I discovered this whilst looking through the mail boxes for a lost package.

All in all, a pleasant week, but I’m even more excited for the weeks to come where I can actually get to scratching things off of my to do list. For now, that looks like:

  1. Anmeldung first!
  2. Bank account second, and
  3. Health insurance third.

Bureaucracy is annoying, but I’m looking forward to when I finish. In the meantime, I’m living through Berlin memes:

Let’s see in a year!

How’s your week been?



2 responses to “My First Week (Quarantine-ing) in Berlin”

  1. rritushi

    Aww Dina, you’re the best! ❤ Hugs!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Dina H.

    Hey Rritë, hope you have an amazing time in Berlin. ❤ ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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