Living Al Fresco

Hello there! Long time no see! I’ve been MIA for a while but that’s because studies have kicked in full swing, and between classes, reading and socializing, there hasn’t been much time to brainstorm a concept for a new blog. Except now I have one!

Sunset watching at Temperhofer Feld

Before moving to Germany, I was a bit anxious about what “full lockdown” would look and feel like. In Kosovo, we didn’t have much of a lockdown, and reading on Germany’s take online makes it look like there’s absolutely no hope for any fun.

That’s not the case, as I discovered. Life is very much normal, and very much fun. The only difference is, I’m living life al fresco, if you will. All my socializing and eating out is actually spent out. And despite it being cooler than I’d like sometimes, it’s been working out surprisingly well.

Studying al fresco

I always thought that I’d be the type of person to really enjoy picnics and nature and just being around joyful chirping birds (a la Disney’s interpretation of Snow White, ofc). Well, now I know for a fact that that’s something I really enjoy.

Life has been surprisingly normal. And while I do feel for the cafes and restaurants that have had to limit their services, I feel like I am drinking and eating out just as much as I would on a regular basis (refer back to my expense tracker for some sweet evidence … that stuff adds up!).

Disney park

To summarize: heck, I love spending time outdoors! And Germany really allows me to do that in a very sweet way 💖



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