How Much I Spend on Groceries in A Week

You know I’ve done a few of these money diary posts in the past (see Exhibit Kosovo & Exhibit Germany), and they’ve really grown on me. Today, I’d like to walk you through my weekly grocery haul, if you will.

I watch a lot of these things on YouTube, and really enjoy them. In fact, I tend to most enjoy personal content like this. And what’s more personal than having you peek inside my grocery bag, right? Let’s do this.

Before we begin, I’ll tell you that while my fridge and pantry are tiny, I did have some things already on hand before the shopping spree. This included some basics like oil, butter, cherry tomatoes, condiments and spices, but also some more meal-y items like chicken, bread and ice cream. You know, the things a girl can’t live without. As the week (or weeks?) go on, I’ll combine these with my groceries to make my meals.

With that out of the way, let’s see what I got and how much it cost.

Where do I shop?

I’m doing my bulky weekly shopping at Lidl now, because it’s much more budget friendly. You’ll see just how much. Before, I used to do it at Rewe, which is more of a Trade Joes type of place (a fancier supermarket chain, if you will); but oftentimes, I’d go to Rewe for 3-4 things and end up accidentally paying 20 euros. Can’t have that on a student budget, nope.

What did I get?

Let’s go through all my items one by one. I’ll talk through my choice and the price. As you’ll see, I’m opting for a relatively high protein life, not too many carbs. But as you’ll also see, I do have me an irresistible sweet tooth. Life’s all about balance, in the end, isn’t it?

For the main food items, I got the following. First, I got two dozen eggs.

2 packs of six bio eggs (1.99 Euro per pack)

I eat eggs every day, and love them. Also, they’re very easy to make and very versatile. To go with my eggs, I picked up the following sides / toppings:

1 pack of baby spinach (1.49 Euro)
1 pack of rucola (0.99 Euro)
1 pack of mushrooms (1.79 Euro)
1 pack of green peppers (1.49 Euro)

I can throw in the spinach, rucola, mushrooms and green peppers into the omelettes, or I can toss the greens with the olive oil and cherry tomatoes I already have on hand for a cute lil’ salad moment. As a true Albanian, of course I needed peppers. I’d have ordinarily gone for the red ones, but the green ones were cheaper. And anyways, I got red ones last week, and a little variety hurt nobody.

3 packs of two breaded cod fish (2.99 per pack)

I love having some sort of (non-egg) animal protein for dinner, that isn’t beef or pork. This leaves me with fish or chicken to choose from. I’ve discovered this breaded frozen fish at the supermarket that I’m really enjoying. It’s very quick, and very filling. For dinner, I can throw in the fish, and toss another lil’ salad moment on the side.

Next, and as a segway segue into the desserts category, I got full fat milk.

2 packs of full fat milk (0.79 Euro per pack)

I don’t drink a lot of milk, but I have recently got these instant ice coffee packs that go splendidly with a glass of cold milk. All I do is just rip open a packet, and toss into into a glass of cold milk, and I have myself a nice little iced coffee for the day. While the milk is primarily for that, I could technically use it as a supplement to my breakfast too.

Next, for my desert-y bits, I got a big pack of blueberries.

1 large pack of Earth’s superior berries blueberries (5.55 Euro)

I love blueberries. If you know me, you know that about me. If I could be reborn as a fruit, it would be as a blueberry. At 5.55 Euros a pack, this was easily the splurge of my shopping. Worth every cent. I don’t know how exactly I’m gonna have them, but they’re so very delicious I can just eat them on their own as well.

I also got two packs of Mozart balls (Mozartkugeln in German). They usually cost an arm and a leg, but I got these non spherical shaped ones that came at 1.99 per pack. What a steal! I might or might not have already had one whilst writing this post. I’m thinking, I can use the iced coffee and a Mozartkugel as a nice morning pick me up.

2 packs of Mozartkugeln (1.99 Euro per pack)

Last but not least, I’ve been getting into cookies lately. They seem like a … let’s say, a more adult snack. I’m not saying chocolate chip cookies, no, those are for teens & kids. I’m talking about a refined plain cookie with a thin chocolate coating on one side. Now that’s adult! Jokes aside, I’ve tried these before and they’re delicious. But I also want to think they’re a bit more sophisticated of a sweet treat than a Mars / Snickers bar (and, honestly, way cheaper). What do you think?

2 packs of sophisticated adult chocolate cookies (0.79 Euro per pack)

How much did it cost?

All in all, the grand total was 31.40 Euros. Now I think that’s a great bargain! What do you think? Like I said, before I shopped at Lidl, I’d spend way too much on way too little. With the groceries I just described, my arm almost fell off carrying everything back to my place. In fact, there was barely enough space in my tiny fridge.

Total: 31.40 Euros


What did you think? What are your weekly groceries trips like? I think I got a good mix of foods and snacks for the week.



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