A Surprise Weekend Back Home

A few weeks back, we had a bit of a longer weekend in Berlin, and I seized the opportunity that sweet budget-friendly airlines offer (and the fact that Kosovo somehow finally achieved herd immunity) to sneak in a little visit to my parents. Absolutely worth it!

I didn’t get to see everyone, but I did get to have coffee with my mom and dad right away, which is the thing to do when you’re in Kosovo. I missed my brother for most of the time I was there, because he too was having his own travelling adventure (albeit, a bit cooler than mine, because he was in New York!), but we did manage to have a brief exchange right before I could fly back. 

First stop: coffee!

Home was sunny, it was warm, and it was buzzing with life – just like I remember it! I had coffee with my grandma and uncle, met up for pizza and more coffee with my boyfriend and friends – and all in all enjoyed a very sunny, very caffeinated weekend. 


I’ve been thinking a lot about my country during my studies, and I’ve been looking at a lot of the great progress we’ve been making in development indicators in the past how many years. Somehow, I always feel so hopeful and proud of home. We really do have so top notch qualities (for one, no one will ever let you pay; and only Albanians buy me things without me asking!*).

* case in point: At the airport, Rina bought me a water bottle, without me asking. She just knew I’d need water – very thoughtful! 💖

The weekend flew by, and soon enough I needed to head back. My flight got a little delayed in the end, so I could squeeze in some timely studying as well. All in all, I would really recommend this set up to my present and future self: cram all your studying during the week days, and enjoy your weekends without work.

Very productive study session – who knew you could cram this much, when there’s no distractions and nothing else to do?

As always, thank you for reading!


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