Sunny Moments (aka: A Week in Pictures)

I’ve been enjoying a lot of sunny (& social) moments this week, so here’s me sharing them. Enjoy!

Picture 1: I’m taking all my study notes on Notion now. I know, such a cliche. Alongside with that, I ordered a flowery journal from an independent local shop here Amazon. Don’t judge me. I will say what this picture maybe isn’t: I think I’ve finally found my study method / rhythm of choice. This method seems to really be working … but let’s wait for exam season to judge.

Picture 2: Okay, I’m not studying all the time, but most of the time when I’m studying, you best believe I’m doing it outdoors in the sun, tanning. Women gotta multi task right? This is also the time when I’ll usually do calls with my family. My mom has been urging me to get sunscreen, and I’ve finally caved.

Picture 3: I changed up my nail polish (read: I’m very happy and its showing by these little acts of self care) and realised it looked great in the sun, together with my jewellery. I’ve been trying to be more mindful of my purchases lately; but girly things like this will always be my kryptonite.

Picture 4: The sun has really been paying some nice visits to my room, and the view has gotten greener and greener. I always open my window entirely now to let the fresh air come in (and yes, I cleaned those windows later!)

Picture 5: Ever since I went back home that weekend, my mom told me she’d teach me how to make my all time favourite dish: Kosovo potato stew. I got me some potatoes and spring onions, and have been having this very often now. What can I say, it is my favourite dish! To go along with it, I made a typical Balkan salad of tomatoes, spring onions and feta cheese, drizzled with plenty of olive oil and balsamic vinegar – and salted generously.

Picture 6: Berlin has been opening up, and we’ve had the chance to meet up with the other students more often. Here we are posing all cute during one of our latest picnics. I love these moments!

Picture 7: Different nail polish, same sun & coffee addiction. About two times a week I treat myself to some intensive double shots of espresso. My favourite time for this is usually very early, around 8am. Lately, I’ve been sitting outside and sipping my coffee there before I start my classes / work.



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