Revisiting Hamburg & Remembering Sweet Moments πŸ‡©πŸ‡ͺ✨

Way back when I was a sweet 18 – 21 year old bachelor student in Bremen, us cutesy Bremen-kids would love to take the regional train to Hamburg, to spend a day or night in the big city. While I always thought Bremen was way cuter, Hamburg was a very nice addition to my bachelor experience, as it let us have a “big-city” break every once in a while.


Back when we were students, we’d go to Hamburg semi-frequently, either for shopping (online shopping wasn’t as big in 2011 as it is now) or for bar hopping along the Reperbahn (fun fact: after graduating, I found out that a bunch of bars there are apparently managed by Albanians? Not sure how true that is, but I would’ve been the coolest kid if I could’ve got my friends in!). Eventually, some of my college friends even spend their internship semester in Hamburg, so the rest of us Bremen-plebs could spend the night there instead of running to catch the last train back at 2am.

Hamburg is full of fun memories: one time, my parents came to visit me before Christmas and they flew directly to Hamburg (this was also the first time my brother got to stay home entirely alone, as he was still in school! #milestones). We spent a fun time checking out the Christmas markets and taking pictures in front of big Christmas trees in malls. I remember, because I used to joke with them that mall Christmas trees aren’t that special :-). Now, thinking back, I think they were pretty special – special enough to house a sweet memory like this!

The first ever time I flew alone was also through Hamburg. The first time I flew to Bremen, my dad came with me to help me settle. By the end of the first semester, I needed to travel back home and – for the first time! – alone. I had gotten a ticket with this shady airline (BellAir? Was that a thing or am I misremembering?) that used to cancel tickets and later went bankrupt. My plane would be leaving from Hamburg sometime very early in the morning. An over planner even at 18, I had realised that it was way too risky for me to wake up in the morning and travel to Hamburg that way. Instead, I packed everything and went the night before to spend the night at the airport. It’s a funny story, but turns out I wasn’t the only over planner here! On the train, I ran into a South Korean girl from my class who was going to spend the night at the airport as well πŸ™‚ And so, the two of us stayed all night at the airport until we could both fly home.


I haven’t really been to Hamburg since (it’s quite up north, and far), but since moving to Berlin, I’ve been thinking about doing it. A couple of weeks ago, the German train authority (that’s a thing right?) decided to #bless students and their student train tickets. Usually, you can only use your student train ticket in your city. This time around, for a two week period, I could use my student ticket to travel anywhere in Germany for free.

And so, I chose Hamburg!

What can I say about the city? It felt really different from Berlin, in a good way. People are a lot friendlier in the north I think and the atmosphere was very different. It was a lot happier. Berlin is somehow very … angry. It’s very Eastern European in a way (and maybe my perception is skewed because I live in East Berlin). Everybody was dancing and enjoying the outdoors when I visited, even though the weather wasn’t that great.

Is there any city that holds sentimental value to you? Any place you’ve been longing to revisit and haven’t had the chance to? Let me know. πŸ’•

As always, thank you for reading!



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