“Freimarkt” in Berlin

Today, I went to a lovely fall funfair in Berlin. These town fairs are one of the things I enjoy most about Germany. If you’ve never been to one, think of these as sort of Octoberfest set ups, but in a smaller scale. As far as I understand the process (not too German yet, so I cannot be super sure), every town gets fairs a few times a year, during different times of the year. Bremen, for example, always had Freimarkt in the winter and Osterweise in the spring. I’d been meaning to look into when Berlin’s fairs would start, but with the pandemic and everything, I wasn’t sure I could expect one this year.

Except, turns out I could!

After joining my university friend Trang for a morning run today (yes – my first morning run; maybe a story for another blog), she told me she had found something fun which we could do during the day, and this fun thing turned out the be a list of fun things, among which was also Berlin’s Herbst Rummel. We decided to try that one, neither of us sure of what to expect (except, I was hoping it would be a fair!). To make the whole adventure extra fun, we’ve been having the absolute best weather here lately. A sort of delayed summer (which we were robbed of, during the actual summer months). See the pictures for yourself!

Around mid-day, we made our way to the fair and got to enjoy some very fun rollercoaster rides, food, fun and sun. We accidentally picked the ‘worst’ ride as our first, and because the fair was relatively empty when we got there, Trang and I got to ride the rollercoaster on our own, which sort of added to the terror (I have a collection of pictures as a child crying in rollercoasters, next to my baby brother who would be having a blast; again, maybe for a different blog). All other rides after, felt like a piece of cake!

These fairs also always have these delicious snacks that I love and always get – and this one had them too! Chocolate covered fruits mmm! Delicious! We also had a quintessential German lunch of bratwurst, pommes, baked mushrooms, and of course, bier!

Economics-student-talks-inflation tangent: The tickets in these fairs, some 10 years ago, used to be 3 euro a ride. I remember because my sweet bachelor student self felt it was *so* pricy! This time around, rides were 6 euros a ride. Why? How? Can somebody stop inflation please? Thank you! </inflation rant over>

Another cool ride, and on-theme for Halloween, was this geisterbahn (‘ghost train’). Check out the fun decorations … that tree is crying red tears 😂. Inside the ride, it was completely dark and full of ‘scary’ monsters.

We also went to a mirror maze, and it was the first time for me! I’d always seen these on TV but never tried them on my own. It wasn’t difficult to get around, but it really was messing with my brain. I don’t know if I would put myself through that again, I always feared that I would bump my nose into a mirror accidentally.

Anyways, it was a very very lovely day, and I had a lot of fun! I hope the world can get to normal soon (without mandatory office presence though … let’s agree to work from home forever!), so we can all freely enjoy funfairs and travelling again.

Thank you for reading!



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