A Fun Week w/ My Boyfriend!

A few weeks ago, my boyfriend visited me in Berlin, in time for us to spend his birthday together! I’m a little late with writing this blog post, as I was still sorting through the pictures, but needless to say, we had a lot of fun.

(Okay, I recognise that somehow it feels very sterile to write about my private life like this … but hang on, maybe I get more comfortable).

One of the first things we did was go to check out Potsdam for a day-trip. I’d been told that it was super beautiful, and maybe that’s always a recipe for disappointment. Don’t get me wrong, I sure loved it, but I think it would have been a lot better during the warmer months, with maybe more greenery.

This time around our week was also more packed with social activities! We got to meet up with a bunch of friends over fun drinks, brunch and dinners. Heck, we even had plans to go to a fun Halloween party with matching outfits (Hawaii-themed!), but unfortunately the party got postponed at the last minute. Instead, we got to go to a fun Diwali housewarming party.

Although Ermir has come to visit me in Berlin before, the last time, it was still very much during peak lockdown times and all we could do was sit outside (although we did go to Bremen then – you can read about that here!) . This time around, we had much more fun, and I would even go so far as to say we enjoyed a very … gastronomical experience of Berlin! We mostly ate out and had a year’s worth of Asian food for sure.

One highlight I would like to share – of which I unfortunately have all but two pictures! – is the gift I organised for my boyfriend’s birthday. I wasn’t sure what to get him, as I myself almost never like any of the gifts I get (sorry, everyone! Love you!). No joke, I’m a very picky gift-receiver, and in lieu of this insight about myself, I figured, the best thing would be to project a little, and gift an experience.

So, we went to our first ever escape room!

I genuinely was surprised at just how much fun that was! Not to get into cliches, but this was the first time I did something new for the first time, in a long time (still following?). The escape room was just for the two of us and it was like being in a real-life video game. In the end, do you think we escaped? You betcha we did!

Like I said, you’re not allowed to use your phone in the rooms for pictures, so I only have one from the reception. But if you’re ever in town, or if you’ve ever been thinking of going to an escape room but haven’t, take this as your sign to go! It was a blast!

(PS: We went to ExitGame Berlin, for anyone interested, and did the Biggs Legacy escape room!)

With that said, I think that pretty much concludes this blog post. All in all, it was a great week!

As always, thank you for reading, and have a wonderful rest of the week!







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