To My Brother Joni

What’s your earliest memory? For me, I think my earliest memory is a day we went to pick up my mom from somewhere, and she had with her a big blue baby basket, with a new baby in there. My brother Jon’s birth day 🌸

Is it a made up memory rehashed from retold stories? I’m not sure … it can’t be, right? The adults in my life can confirm.

Anyways, today, I want to honor my little baby brother Jon, on his birthday! 🎉 🎂 🎈

Growing up Jon was always the cutest (and still is!). Everyone would always stop him on the streets to tell him, and he had (and still has!) this charming sense of humor that made everybody’s hearts melt!

I will confess, as a child, I might or might not have always been a little jealous of this little guy! (Another early memory, is me picking him up from his baby seat and placing him on the floor, just to agitate him … gosh … Jon, if you’re reading this … I’m sorry!! 😂) But soon enough, he melted my heart too and we became the best friends we were destined to be!

We were just the two of us, and I would not have it any other way. I think, in an alternate universe, if I were to have 500 siblings, Jon would still be my favorite!

Today I think back on our happy memories together and thank the universe that we got to spend it with each other, always finding new games to play and new ways to have fun!

Thank you for all that you taught me in life! From how to dream big and shoot for the stars, to how to stay motivated, … to how to lose the pesky extra pounds haha. You are an inspiration to me every single day, and I hope one day I will be as cool and cool-headed as you!

Thank you for a lifetime of beautiful memories! And, thank you in advance, for a lifetime of upcoming beautiful memories, now that we are both sort of adults.

I love you!!







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