Summer in Malta ðŸ‡²ðŸ‡¹âœ¨

I’ve been getting a bit sloppy with writing up my travel blogs, I’m afraid. To my defence, I think the WordPress app and photo upload process does not work very seamlessly. Anyways, I digress.

Over the summer, my boyfriend and I went for a week-long trip to Malta. We stayed in the St. Julian area, around St. George’s bay, but took the rest of the week to do day trips all around the Maltese islands. But we’ll get to that soon. The rest of the time was split up between lounging by beaches and a very fun rooftop pool.

Malta in July was very hot. I mean very. If you’re planning a trip there yourself, I’d advise against choosing the summer. While the heat was exactly what we felt like we needed at the time, sightseeing (and riding busses to) different locations in those weather conditions was a challenge.

The first city we visited was Mdina, Malta’s historic capital city. To someone unfamiliar with Mdina, I’d say it is a fortress city, much like Kotor in Montenegro; except that the city’s aura is much more … sandy in shade, as opposed to the white stone in Kotor. Mdina was fun to visit – at the city entrance, there were horse carriages for tourists that could take you around the city. In hindsight, that might’ve been a better option to travel than walking in the blazing heat 🙂 At least we had our sunhat on for protection!

After Mdina, we also visited the Golden Bay beach – supposedly Malta’s most attractive riviera. We had initially thought about getting stationed here instead of St. George’s bay (for reasons that we wanted to be close to a beach), but ultimately decided against it as it seemed a little too remote and isolated. Golden Bay beach was fun too. I will say, however, as a person from the Balkans, I am *spoiled* with great beaches.

Another day, we did a day trip to Valletta. Valletta was much like Mdina, and by proxy, much like Kotor in my opinion as well. It was much more vibrant and buzzing with action and stores and tourists than Mdina, however. By far, Valletta felt much more alive. We walked the hilly streets and enjoyed the pretty views. Along the way we got sunburnt and were looking for any shade we could find.

A very memorable day was our little adventure in Gozo. Gozo is a separate island in Malta, and you have to go there by ferry. Once there, we did a little (unintentional) hike up to a beach. Google Maps is a dear friend of ours, but don’t always trust him when you’re scouting remote locations. We were meaning to walk by a nearby beach, and were shocked to find that the road was actually unpaved and very hilly: fun on the way down, not so fun on the way back uphill. In the end though, that little hike was quite fun. I guess I learned that after a while, your physical exertion changes to euphoria (yes, it seems fitness bloggers aren’t lying about those endorphins).

All in all, Malta was super fun. My second funnest memories were perhaps just those of lounging by the beach or pool, reading and enjoying a good swim. What’s my funnest memory you ask? Well … that definitely has to be the story of how we got engaged in Malta! 🙂 I’ll spare the details for a private conversation – but let’s just say it was a very fun adventure.

Thank you for reading!



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