Revisiting Hamburg & Remembering Sweet Moments

Way back when I was a sweet 18 – 21 year old bachelor student in Bremen, us cutesy Bremen-kids would love to take the regional train to Hamburg, to spend a day or night in the big city. While I always thought Bremen was way cuter, Hamburg was a very nice addition to my bachelor…… Continue reading Revisiting Hamburg & Remembering Sweet Moments

Pool, Sun, Food & Fun

German cloudy weather has had me in dire need of some good sun. And while hanging out in Kosovo was all fun and good, going for a long weekend in Albania was even better. While I was home, my mom and I took a girl’s trip to Tirana for – as the title says -…… Continue reading Pool, Sun, Food & Fun

Home Again + Pictures

Hi there. I’m officially done with my first semester of studies (no grades yet – I might do a post on those, once they start rolling in). One more assignment to submit mid-August and I can officially enjoy my summer off (+ working part time, but that’s pretty fun). Since about two weeks now, I’ve…… Continue reading Home Again + Pictures