12 Hr Bremenly Adventure

I’ve been to many a city in Germany, but my favourite by far is always Bremen. Perhaps because I studied there as a teenager, perhaps because it really is charming – I don’t know. To me, nothing compares to it, not even bustling Berlin. Being my favourite and all, you’d be surprised to find out…… Continue reading 12 Hr Bremenly Adventure

Living Al Fresco

Hello there! Long time no see! I’ve been MIA for a while but that’s because studies have kicked in full swing, and between classes, reading and socializing, there hasn’t been much time to brainstorm a concept for a new blog. Except now I have one! Sunset watching at Temperhofer Feld Before moving to Germany, I…… Continue reading Living Al Fresco

A Residence Permit Adventure

Last time we heard from each other, and I updated you on my relocation progress, I told you how I had completed 1/4 items on my major to do list. This week, I’m happy to report, I’m all done! AnmeldungFinished that last week! Surprisingly, they had a record of my other time in Germany almost…… Continue reading A Residence Permit Adventure