An Ode to Old College Friends

I think I talk a lot about my bachelor’s chapter in Bremen, but I think I do because it was pretty formative, and it was pretty firkin’ magical. My bachelor’s university was a very weird manufactured small-scale version of temporary Utopia: a parallel world without rent; bills; cooking … and essentially full of funny nerds…… Continue reading An Ode to Old College Friends

Revisiting Hamburg & Remembering Sweet Moments

Way back when I was a sweet 18 – 21 year old bachelor student in Bremen, us cutesy Bremen-kids would love to take the regional train to Hamburg, to spend a day or night in the big city. While I always thought Bremen was way cuter, Hamburg was a very nice addition to my bachelor…… Continue reading Revisiting Hamburg & Remembering Sweet Moments

12 Hr Bremenly Adventure

I’ve been to many a city in Germany, but my favourite by far is always Bremen. Perhaps because I studied there as a teenager, perhaps because it really is charming – I don’t know. To me, nothing compares to it, not even bustling Berlin. Being my favourite and all, you’d be surprised to find out…… Continue reading 12 Hr Bremenly Adventure