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  • A Few More Days in Paris 🇫🇷 ✨ (w/ le petit ami)

    A Few More Days in Paris 🇫🇷 ✨ (w/ le petit ami)

    Finally, I am about to catch up with sharing travel photos and blurbs. Last week, it was my petit ami‘s birthday and we decided to do a spontaneous trip somewhere. We checked our cheap flight apps over coffee one Saturday (shameless plug to the WizzAir and EasyJet apps), and played around with various destination options.…

  • Disneyland Paris 🇫🇷✨

    Disneyland Paris 🇫🇷✨

    Today, we’ll cover one of my favourite memories this year: our visit to Disneyland Paris! Back in March when my mom, Jon and I were in Paris (same trip dad sadly couldn’t attend due to work), we took a day trip to the most magical place on earth, Disneyland. Disneyland 2001 Now, Disneyland is an…

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