Thoughts The Night Before My Move To Berlin

Note: I wrote this text on February 28, 2021, a few hours before travelling for my master’s program to Berlin – and left it in my drafts. These are raw thoughts, that I wanted to capture and revisit in the future. I guess that future is now. Enjoy! My dreamy “bachelorette” pad, fully equipped with…… Continue reading Thoughts The Night Before My Move To Berlin

A Day in Dresden

In part due to Covid-19, in part due to me being a person of habits, I haven’t had the chance to visit a new city in a very long time. Back in March 2020, my family and I booked tickets to Malta. The weekend we were supposed to fly out, the world entered into lockdown,…… Continue reading A Day in Dresden

“Freimarkt” in Berlin

Today, I went to a lovely fall funfair in Berlin. These town fairs are one of the things I enjoy most about Germany. If you’ve never been to one, think of these as sort of Octoberfest set ups, but in a smaller scale. As far as I understand the process (not too German yet, so…… Continue reading “Freimarkt” in Berlin