A Catch Up + Thoughts I’ve Had

Hi there again! Once more, it’s been a good minute since I last wrote on here. It’s finals season, and as I’ve been complaining to my friends, something about the Bologna education system feels off to me: it feels like finals season has been going on for ages (and it won’t be ending at least…… Continue reading A Catch Up + Thoughts I’ve Had

A Surprise Weekend Back Home

A few weeks back, we had a bit of a longer weekend in Berlin, and I seized the opportunity that sweet budget-friendly airlines offer (and the fact that Kosovo somehow finally achieved herd immunity) to sneak in a little visit to my parents. Absolutely worth it! I didn’t get to see everyone, but I did…… Continue reading A Surprise Weekend Back Home

How Much I Spend on Groceries in A Week

You know I’ve done a few of these money diary posts in the past (see Exhibit Kosovo & Exhibit Germany), and they’ve really grown on me. Today, I’d like to walk you through my weekly grocery haul, if you will. I watch a lot of these things on YouTube, and really enjoy them. In fact,…… Continue reading How Much I Spend on Groceries in A Week