A Weekend in Amsterdam 🇳🇱✨

This last weekend, me and two university friends seized the opportunity to sneak away for a girls trip to Amsterdam, before the semester picks up steam. I’m not exactly sure if this officially counts as my first “girls trip”, but I think it does. I’ve been on trips with my mom, and I’ve visited female friends in their respective cities, but I don’t think I’ve ever exclusively planned to go to a third city with lady-friends alone (excuse the sexist lady-friend usage … I was running out of synonyms). Lady-friends, if you are reading – let’s plan a girls trip soon!

Anyways, point being – we went to Amsterdam during the weekend. Previously, I had only been to Amsterdam for a day trip with my dad, back when he was dropping me off for college in Bremen. We spent the day recreating some of his old pictures from when he had ventured on his own first solo trip as a teenager to meet pen pals in Amsterdam as well. Somehow, though, everybody says visiting Amsterdam with a family member doesn’t count, presumably implying that you need to try a pot brownie for it to properly count. I think that’s a little BS and in that case, don’t count this trip either!

(Was this long intro just an excuse for me to tell you that I did in fact *not* try weed, because it felt like a cliche, and … dare I say … cheugy? Maybe. Anyways, people who’s entire personality is smoking weed are a little boring to me anyways. But, as I always say, maybe a topic for another blog post.)

Anyways (again!), we went to Amsterdam for a long weekend and stayed in the Red Light District of all places. We had a great time! We did the usual – tons of walking, tons of sightseeing, a fun boat trip, some shopping and lots of catching up with friends who moved to the Netherlands.

Here’s a picture diary!

The weather honestly wasn’t always this great, but as you can imagine, I only took pictures during the nice weather moments. Despite this, be it during rain or sunshine, we walked a LOT lot, everywhere. I’ll say this is also something I really enjoyed about Amsterdam, the fact that it’s so walkable. Berlin really is almost absurd in how spread out it is … if I want to change bars in Berlin, you best believe I have to catch the S-Bahn.

We also met up with my friend and neighbor (and bestie Jeta’s brother) Lum, who had recently moved to Amsterdam for work. Lum treated us so well and took us to the cool ‘locals only’ zones. Eventually, we even ended up at a fun pop-music-y club with Erasmus students. I hadn’t had that much fun dancing to 2010 bops in forever!

We had tons of yummy food …

… and got to do a fun boat trip around the canals, whilst half-heartedly listening to the tour guides!

In the end, I also got to meet my dear friend Andreea from my bachelors. The last time we were to meet up, was at her wedding ceremony, however, due to the circumstances, that got downscaled to just a private ceremony for her. It was nice catching up and seeing what married life was like for her!

Jacobs girls!

As always, thank you for reading, and have a wonderful rest of the week!



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